The Watertite Company has been offering roofing services in Framingham for decades. It is safe to say Framingham residents and surrounding areas are satisfied with the services this company offers. Roofing is critical as it protects humans from extreme weather conditions. Click the following to find out a provider you can rely on:

What to expect from Watertite Framingham Roofing

Roof installation

Anytime you need roof installation, rely on Watertite Company for your rescue. We’ve got you covered for any roof-related problems. Whether it’s a minor or a major one repair issue, we’re here for you. We can allow your roof to cause danger to your home. Once you notice any problem with your roof, reach out to us, and we’ll attend to you soonest.

Roofing replacement

Not all Framingham roofing issues require a whole installation. Some may be in need of a replacement. Can’t you tell if you need a replacement? Below are techniques to know if a roof replacement is the solution:

  • The roof has lasted for more than 20 years
  • You spot brown stains in the inner part of the ceilings
  • The shingles are cracked or missing

Contact the Watertite team once you notice any of the signs above. Choosing design and colors can be hectic. There’s no need to worry. You don’t have to struggle trying to make your choice. Our team is more than ready to help you choose the perfect material, design, and color. We won’t make the decision for you. But we’ll help you pick the most suitable equipment for your roof.

Damaged gutters

Gutters are crucial parts of the roof. Don’t allow them to remain rusty, saggy, or worn out. You should remember, gutters help in protecting your home from water shortage. It’s therefore important to pay attention to them. Instead of waiting for the condition to worsen, and your roof to look terrible, turn to the Watertite Company. Our squad has all the skills in the world and the tools required for fixing the problem. We can repair even gutters that are in their worst condition. Call on us right away, and we’ll come running to your door!


We can fulfill your hunger of having a clear penetration of natural light in your home. We provide skylight installation services at reasonable prices. We are motivated to add style and your desired look in your home. If it’s replacing the old skylight, we’ll gladly do the job for you. Nothing gives us more happiness than to see our client satisfied.


Our Framingham roofing project is not limited to roofs only. Chimneys are part of our job too. It’s common for a chimney to become lose and damage the bricks. It’s our crew’s duty to repair it. If you’re not pleased with the position of your chimney, we do repainting for you and make it face exactly where you want it to.


Framingham roofing is one of our major projects. We extend our services to other residual areas nearby. Nothing matters more to us than improving homes of our clients. What we offer is affordable and satisfying.